Keeping up with Khushbu: The Twitter chat

Earlier this week, actress Khusbhu Sundar interacted with her fans on Twitter, in a free ranging Q&A on Twitter. From the secret of her beauty, to her favourite film; from shutting the door on acting as a heroine again to her favourite heroines she answered questions with typical candour. And if you weren’t there don’t worry: We’ve summarised the highlights for you here.

We now know the secret to Khushbu’s beauty. But wait, there is actually no secret.


Β Knowing her, she probably would have made a great air-hostess too.


Β Everybody loves Jigarthanda right?

We are disappointed. Who wouldn’t love to see her becoming the leading lady again?

Khushbu is a die-hard fan of Sri Devi. Not news anymore.


Paasakkaran’s question is smartly batted.


When Khushbu answered this question for the 958th time in her life…

Chinna Khushbu? Speaking of who, did you check out her gallery here?


Yo! All you Vijay fans! Pay attention.


Because Varusham 16 happened. And then Kizhakku Vasal happened.


And Khushbu likes the heartthrob of 90’s too.


We think these are great choices.


Her Hollywood faves:




Nothing is fair in this war. It needs to be stopped. Now.


No surprises here. Sundar, Khushbu, Vishal and Varalakshmi are known to hang out together.


Her Bollywood faves.


We reported this too. Did you read our story?


Tragedies do change one’s belief. Indeed.


She is an ardent self-motivator.


Someone thought it’s cool to check her GK. This is not KBC, you know?


Oh. This could be interesting.