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You Can Now Learn The kiLiki Language Spoken In ‘Baahubali’

SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali series featured its own language, spoken by the war lord Kalakeya. Madhan Karky who wrote the dialogues in this fictitious language for the film actually invented the language, kiLiki, which had its own rules.

Some of the biggest epics and stories of our times have made-up languages, like Elvish (LOTR) and Klingon (Star Trek). Baahubali’s fandom too like many big franchises is a growing tribe. The movie, for instance, has found a second home in Japan were fans have showered the film with love.

Today, Rajamouli announced that everyone can now learn kiLiki, and launched a new website,

“kiLiki is a language created in 2013 for the Indian blockbuster Baahubali. Started as a fictional language, now kiLiki has evolved into a language with script grammar and more than 3000 words for your everyday communication. Explore the pages, learn the world’s newest language in the coolest way. Communicate with your friends in kiLiki and make people around you go crazy. Reinvent the joy of writing by learning the kiLiki alphabet and numerals,” Karky says in the website. There are videos, tools, fonts and an App that you can download for your phone coming soon.