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A National Party Has Launched ‘Operation Dravida’ To Capture Power In South India, Says Telugu Actor Sivaji

Film artistes making political statements have become a trend now. Latest to join is Telugu actor Sivaji, who claimed that a national party is trying to revolutionise entire South India by a strategy called “Operation Dravida.”


In his words, a national party has taken up ‘Operation Dravida’ to capture power in South India and is spending Rs 4,800 crores for the process. Addressing a press conference in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday the actor also said, “A year ago, Kalyanji, who works for a front organisation of the national party in question, had explained to me about Operation Dravida. The target of that party is to bring the entire South India under its grip by 2019.”

Sivaji said the code name for the operation in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana was ‘Operation Garuda’ while it was ‘Operation Ravana’ in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and ‘Operation Kumara’ in Karnataka.

Sivaji became vocal about political issues ever since the formation of Telangana. Despite being a member of the BJP, he started his fast unto death, demanding special status to Andhra Pradesh, which was a promise made by the former Congress government at the time of the bifurcation.

In the above video released by the actor, Sivaji explained how the national party, with the help of a regional party, was targeting the political power in the various South Indian States.

The actor said he had no further motives in revealing the information to the public. “As a citizen of the state, I felt duty-bound to share this since it will impact the future of the State. If you ask me how should I be trusted, I don’t have an answer. It’s up to you,” he said