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Actor Sivakumar Will Return To Facebook Soon

This Sunday, actor Sivakumar had announced that he was deactivating his Facebook account, as one of his posts had triggered communal violence. Today, the actor has posted another status message apologising for having referred to the Commander-in-Chief Karuban Thevar as a ‘squire’. He added that he would be back to meet his fans, as well as those who had posted comments about him. Further, he said that he would concentrate on learning the history of Tamils, and improve his general understanding.


He stated that so far he had been writing about his experiences and sharing anecdotes with his fans. But, as his recent posts have angered some sections of people, he will be quitting Facebook before it gets out of hand.

He feels that with the Facebook account, he had ended up creating a platform where people could make derogatory remarks against him and his family. He said, “My world is small and my life is quite simple. This is your world, your freedom—live as you would want to live.”

Sivakumar concluded by saying that he is deactivating his account for his own sake, as well as for the sake of his loyal fans.