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Akshay Kumar To Play T-Series Founder Gulshan Kumar In ‘Mogul’

Akshay Kumar will play T-Series founder Gulshan Kumar in a new biopic, titled Mogul. The film will be directed by Jolly LLB director Subhash Kapoor. Akshay tweeted:

Gulshan Kumar was the founder of the audio company –  T-Series. The son of a fruit juice seller, Gulshan rose from humble origins to become a powerful producer in the Hindi film industry through persistence and hard work. He was gunned down in 1997 outside the Jeeteshwar Mahadev Mandir. Although there was suspicion that Nadeem of the music composition duo Nadeem-Shravan were behind the attack, a man named Vinod Jagtap eventually confessed to the murder. 


Akshay told the Indian Express, “I had the good fortune of knowing Gulshanji well and had a close association with him right from my first film ‘Saugandh’. We both shared many things in common and come from a similar background. I am very excited to play him on screen.”

Director Subhash Kapoor also said, “When Vikram Malhotra shared the idea of the film with me, it was a feeling of disbelief. I always told my team that the one story I would love to make a movie on was Gulshanji’s and here I am doing just that.”

Mogul will be produced by Sudesh Kumari, Gulshan’s wife, with T-Series.