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Comedian Alwa Vasu Unwell

Alwa Vasu, known for his performances in Amaithipadai, Arunachalam, Shivaji and 900 other films, is seriously unwell. The actor’s wife told Silverscreen:

“My husband was diagnosed with liver issues a year ago. Since then, we have been taking him from one hospital to another, hoping for some miraculous change in his health. But so far, we have not found it. Earlier today, they asked us to take him home as there was nothing else to be done.”

The actor lost a significant amount of weight over a short period of time. “It alarmed us all, but we never thought that he could not be saved,” Amudha said.


Stars like Ponvannan have issued an appeal on social media, requesting fans to pray for Vasu’s recovery.

A comic actor, Vasu came to prominence in the early 90s, frequently partnering with more established names such as Vadivelu and Goundamani. He was regularly see in the films of Manivannan, whom he assisted. Later, he branched out on his own and established a somewhat successful career as a comic artist.

Vasu has a daughter, Krishna Jayanthika. 

Pic: Twin Eventz Facebook Page