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Ambika’s Son To Make Cinema Debut Soon

Son of veteran actress Ambika, Ram Keshav, will likely make his debut in South Indian cinema soon.

“It could be in Tamil or Malayalam. This is why I wouldn’t want to reveal who my favourite actor is. I am trying to be a mom,” she told The Times of India.


The 54-year-old actress, who has been a part of several Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu films since the ’70s, believes the current generation of actors are ‘full of knowledge’. 

“They have their own style, dabble in different genres and perform well. So, I can’t really pick my favourite easily,” she said.

Ram Keshav, born in 1989, is her eldest son by her first husband Shinu John. Ambika also has another son, Rishikesh, born in 1991. Before moving to Chennai, her sons were in the USA; one of them was a sportswriter and the other, a stage actor.