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Amy Jackson’s Absence At The Press Meet Of ‘The Villain’ Sparks Outrage From Team


Amy Jackson is difficult to find, director Prem said at a recent press interaction. Amy has not been seen at any of the promotional events related to The Villain, the film that has Shivrajkumar and Sudeep in lead roles. Amy makes her Kannada debut with the movie.


Prem said that it was very unprofessional of the actor to not be involved in any of the film events. “This is her first Kannada film. I would think that a young actor about to be introduced in a new language would do everything in their power to promote the film and not just remain silent. We have repeatedly tried to reach her for the past few weeks in order to know her availability for promotions but thus far, we haven’t heard back from her.”

Amy has refrained from talking about the film on her popular social media account as well, Prem charged. “She talks about 2.0 and everything else. But this is a prestigious Kannada film and to not publicise it on her social media account is just unusual behaviour on top of anything else.”


Prem added that actors Sudeep and Shivrajkumar changed their dates twice to accommodate Amy Jackson. “When we approached her for the role, we knew that she was very busy the upcoming year. So Sudeep and Shivrajkumar changed their dates so that we could shoot with all three of them. Despite so many adjustments being made, she is not making any effort to be available for the promotions at all. We had told her early on that she would be required to make an appearance. Now I don’t know what to do,” he told the media.

A spokesperson for Amy was unavailable for comment.

The Villain is scheduled to release in theatres on October 18. Music is by Arjun Janya.