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Appukutty Goes Back to Being Sivabalan

Actor Appukutty, who is best-known for his roles in Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu, Kullanari Kootam and Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai, has rechristened himself on the advice of actor Ajith. The National Award-winning actor now wants to go by his original name – Sivabalan,


Ajith and Sivabalan got acquainted with each other on the sets of Veeram, and they are acting together again in Thala 56. When Ajith advised Sivabalan to do a variety of roles that would do justice to his acting skills, the latter said that his appearance was a reason as to why he was missing out on many opportunities. Ajith offered to help Sivabalan create a new portfolio, and arranged a photo shoot in his new studio. The actor roped in stylists and costume designers to give Sivabalan a makeover, and the latter was in for a shock when Ajith himself donned the role of the photographer.

Sivabalan also admitted that he was slightly embarrassed to see Ajith waiting for him between the shots.