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Apurva Asrani On The ‘Simran’ Credits Issue: ‘I Got My Dues. Let’s Move On’

Reacting to the Simran writing credits issue involving actress Kangana Ranaut, National Award winning filmmaker, editor, and screenwriter Apurva Asrani has said that he doesn’t want to participate in the negativity surrounding the controversy.

According a report in the Indian Express, Apurva Asrani said, “I will not participate in the negativity nor in the changing narratives of the Simran credit controversy. I spoke out then because news reports claimed Kangana called herself the writer of the film and the first poster awarded her a writing credit over mine. But now the error of the previous poster has been corrected and fair credits have been awarded.”

Apurva further said that he hoped people stop provoking either him or Kangana into arguments. He also accepted that Kangana had worked on his dialogues.


He said,”Yes, she has contributed to dialogues, and yes, the producers have done the right thing by correcting the credits on the new poster. I now have top billing as story, screenplay and dialogue writer. I am happy I have got my dues and I want to just move on.”

The controversy surrounding the writing credits began when the first posters of Simran had Kangana Ranaut’s name as co-writer. Apurva Asrani took to Facebook and slammed the actress for taking undue credits.

Simran stars Kangana Ranaut in the role of a kleptomaniac. It is scheduled to release on September 15.