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Aramm Trailer Out: Nayanthara Takes On A Powerful Role, And Looks Lovely Too


The trailer of Aramm hints at a serious political drama, with Nayanthara leading the show. She plays the righteous collector, has fiery dialogues which would come in quite handy if she were to launch a political party, and wears those remarkably soft cotton sarees that we have grown to love.

Aramm revolves around a water crisis in a remote village. Nayanthara, as the collector, tries to fight for the people, and against a corrupt government, which incidentally, she is a part of. The trailer is devoid of lighter moments, and going by its lead, the film may not appeal to lovers of massy, commercial cinema.

Directed by Gopi Nainar, Aramm is scheduled to hit the screens on November 10.

Watch the trailer here: