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Ayynoorum Ayynthum’s quirky teaser grabs attention

The makers of ‘Ayinoorum Aindhum’ (500 & 5) have released a quirky teaser to the movie titled, ‘Makkalta eppidi edhuthutu poradhu’ (meaning-how to take this to the people). It features the team behind the movie discussing ways to get the public to watch their movie, intercut with a few scenes from the flick.

‘Ayinoorum Aindhum’ follows a 500 rupee note and the five quirky individuals who briefly possess it – a drug addict, a poor youth, a girlfriend, a rich dude and an activist. Ad filmmaker turned director Raghu Ranganathan makes his debut with this movie. So does most of his team. He said, “We were a group of friends working in the US. Occasionally we made short films and screened at some of the major film festivals. After a while, we all decided to quit our jobs and move back to India with the dream of directing a full-fledged movie.”


But with no takers for his script, the director decided to produce it himself, with a little help from his peers. “I have got the greatest friends. They had a lot of faith in my script and so they invested a lot of money to meet the costs,”Raghu added.

The movie has an interesting premise, witty one-liners and some truly enjoyable music. It also boasts of a formidable cast line-up, most of them from the theatre scene in Chennai. The film is yet to be slated for a release.