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Donald Glover Is ‘Simba’ In Live-Action ‘The Lion King’ Remake


Donald Glover has been cast in Disney’s remake of The Lion King as Simba. The news of Glover’s casting was announced by the project’s director Jon Favreau through his social media account. The director also announced that James Earl Jones will reprise his role as Simba’s father, Mufasa. Interestingly, Jones voiced the character in the original as well.

The technology in the new Lion King will be similar to that in Jungle Book (also directed by Jon Favreau). In the film, a human child actor played the lead role while the jungle backdrop and the animals were brought to life using cutting-edge technology and green screen.

The same technology is currently being used for the Emma Watson-starrer Beauty and The Beast

Favreau’s decision to rope in Glover is hardly surprising as the director mentioned in a recent panel discussion for The Hollywood Reporter, that he saw Glover’s face everyday. “By the way, full disclosure: I see your face every day when I wake up my 15-year-old son because on his door is a portrait of you,” he told the actor/musician. 

Meanwhile, Glover who rose to fame with his role as Troy Barnes in TV series Community and his Grammy-nominated rap album Because The Internet, will play the role of Lando Calrissian in the next Star Wars spinoff. Incidentally, James Earl Jones is known as a Star Wars veteran as he voiced for the role of Darth Vader in all the films. 


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