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Farah Khan Tells Kangana Ranaut: “Stop Playing The Woman Card”

Farah Khan has asked Kangana Ranaut to stop playing the “woman card”. In an interview with Navbharat TimesKhan addressed Ranaut’s recent remarks about Hrithik Roshan, without directly naming either of them. Khan said that she tried to look at such events with a different perspective.

“I won’t name anybody and I don’t want to be involved in this but every time you (Kangana) are playing the woman card. I believe feminism is about equality. I always look at these things with a different perspective — swap the woman and the man for their places and then try to understand the issue.”


“Imagine, if in this case, the man (Hrithik) spoke like the woman (Kangana), if he was the one who sent the photos, if the man had done all this, people would have made the man’s life difficult. People would have ripped him apart and sent him to jail,” she added, according to the report.

Last week, Kangana made a series of revelations in Aap Ki Adaalat show. She said that she was threatened by several prominent film industry personalities when she went public about her affair with Hrithik. She also said that the women’s commission was of no help to her, when she approached them with her problems.