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Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson Banned By High-End Magazines Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Fashion photographer Terry Richardson has been unofficially banned from working with Vogue and other high-end fashion magazines. According to a report by The Telegraph, UK, media group Conde Nast International in a closed email circulated within its company, announced that it would no longer work with Richardson.

Staff were told that any work already commissioned from Richardson but not yet published should be “killed or substituted with other material”.

This email is seen as a response to an article that appeared in the UK newspaper The Sunday Times that asked why Richardson was still being feted by fashionistas in the wake of allegations against Harvey Weinstein.


Richardson has been dogged by claims of sexual harassment for years. The photographer has been accused of inappropriate on-set behaviour by a number of models, who say that he assaulted them under the guise of using them for photoshoots.

He has consistently denied the claims so far.


Image Courtesy: Change.org