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Gayatri Sai Asks Vishal To Clarify False Rumours

Vishal At The Ezhumin Trailer Launch

Model and actress Gayatri Sai has criticised actor Vishal for not clarifying rumours about his alleged affair with her minor daughter. Her neighbour Vishwadarshini, a resident of Royapettah in Chennai was arrested last week under the POSCO Act for spreading the false rumours.

Gayatri commented below a tweet campaigning for Vishal in the upcoming Nadigar Sangam elections and asked him to first clear her child’s name of the allegations. She said he has not responded to the many calls by her or the media. “You knew right from the start that this lady was accusing you and my child but you never came forward… Are you not going to help my minor child who is fighting a battle because of your name being used? You don’t have the courtesy to answer back calls. You’re a selfish man. First clear a child’s name from this and then talk about being a leader,” she wrote.

In another post she called out actor Radha Ravi for his comments in recent interview where he used the rumours in his favour and furthered the allegations about Vishal’s affair with her daughter.

He said, “Everyone has spread rumours against me saying I have affairs with multiple women and they have made a big fuss about this. But wasn’t there a woman who complained about Vishal jumping a wall to meet a girl? Is there any such complaint against me? If I go anywhere, I go with permission and leave with permission.”

Gayatri tweeted, “How can you use a POSCO case for your own benefit? My child is only 16, you have no business dragging my child.”

The rumours were spread in 2018, when pictures and videos of Vishal jumping over a wall at night were circulated by Vishwadarshini who alleged that he spent two hours at her neighbour’s every day.

Gayatri lodged a police complaint and the investigation found that Vishwadarshini had a long-standing fight with her neighbour and chose to level allegations against Vishal and the girl as revenge. She had been absconding for several months before the police found her in Tiruchengode recently and booked her under the Protection of Children against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

Vishal did not respond to any of the allegations. His non-response to calls has been a frequent criticism against him. In a recent interview with Thanthi TV, actor Nasser, who is contesting for president from Vishal’s team in the Nadigar Sangam elections, said that Vishal does not respond to his calls many times either and it was a matter to be addressed in the future.