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‘Gone Are The Days When We Used To Enjoy Every Film’: Vignesh ShivN On Twitter

Celebrities and film personalities tend to use social media platform to speak their mind if not promote their upcoming projects and then there are instances when their tweets truly baffles people.

Take this for example:

Latest is the director of Thaana Serndha Koottam, Vignesh ShivN. In his recent tweet, he talks about being positive and ignoring all the negativity (maybe, at least from Twitter).

What might have triggered the rant is the tweet by @LMKMovieManiac which said that with no hits in January, Tamil cinema will look forward to February. This obviously did not go down well with the director whose Thaana Serndha Koottam released in January during Pongal. The director responded to the above tweet saying “such negative people are a curse to our industry”.

Though the tweet is no longer available but he went on a Twitter rant on how some people don’t understand the amount of hard work that goes into making a movie.

He continued tweeting that films are meant to entertain people and the numbers that a film produce in terms of profit are for only for the producers and not the end game.