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High Demand For Kumari 21F’s Remake Rights


Filmmaker Sukumar’s latest Telugu production Kumari 21 F has become a sleeper hit, and the film’s popularity among the youth has motivated producers to plan a Hindi and Tamil remake of the film. A coming-of-age tale about the intimate encounters of two youth, the storyline has been compared to the French film Lila Says (2004) and the Argentinian film The Secret In Their Eyes (2009). Kumari 21 F features Raj Tarun and Hebah Patel in the lead, and is directed by Sukumar’s former assistant Surya Pratap. The low-budget film earned heavy profits in its opening weekend. Critics have reacted less favourably to the plot, with some calling it ‘regressive and cliched’ for its hyperfocus on the heroine’s chastity, and its extra-legal punishing of rape.