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House Owner Teaser Review: A Tale Of Two Relationships, And Rain

The teaser of Lakshmy Ramakrishnan’s House Owner has released. The film stars Aadukalam Kishore, Sriranjani, Lovelyn Chandrasekhar and Kishore of Pasanga fame. The music is by Ghibran and cinematography is by TS Krishna Sekhar.


The teaser shows glimpses into the lives of four people. There is constant rain in the background, and their houses begin flooding soon. Sriranjani and Kishore play an older couple who have perhaps been together for a long time but it feels like they are new in the relationship. Kishore has a problem remembering things and there are shots that are moving, like when he wakes up one night to be irritated by Sriranjani’s hand over him. When rain water begins entering their house, he calls out to her for the first time.

Kishore carries a hand lamp with him everywhere, and this is cut to the yellow lights in the scenes with Lovelyn and Pasanga Kishore. They are a newly married couple and here Lovelyn is the central character, which is maybe an indication of Sriranjani from the past. The title of the film House Owner perhaps also refers to the space that they want to create for themselves in their relationships and homes.

Laksmy Ramakrishnan, who has written and directed the film, earlier said that the story was inspired by the people she had met in life. The film introduces Viji Chandrasekhar’s daughter Lovelyn, and Kishore who was seen as the child actor in Pandiraj’s 2009 film Pasanga.


House Owner is set during the Chennai floods. The director said, “You’ll get an experience of the rain and other things in the theatre. But don’t expect to be shown how people suffered, no. There’s not a single exterior shot. It’s about two people, their emotions and conflicts.”

The film was initially planned without music but once Gibran came on board, music worked really well, she said. The team began shoot on June 10 last year, and 80 percent of it was complete by September. The most challenging part was the climax for which they needed a water tank to be built.

Watch the teaser here: