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Jiiva & Nayanthara’s Thirunaal Will Release On August 5

Thirunaal, starring Jiiva and Nayanthara, will release on August 5. The film was initially scheduled to release in April 2016, and had completed most of its shoot last year. Directed by debutant director PS Rannath, the story revolves around a village, with Jiiva playing a local rogue. Soon after the release date was announced, #Thirunaal began trending on social media platform Twitter.

Thirunaal‘s supporting cast includes Gobinath (Neeya Naana) and Karunas. Music director Srikanth Deva has scored for the film. According to sources, Jiiva, whose last film was the 2014 Yaan, is hopeful for a hit with this film, according to sources.


The film’s trailer was released late last year. The village setting was a break of sorts for both lead actors, who had been focused on urban-centric roles. Sun-kissed, clad in a lungi, and with messy hair, Jiiva embodies Tamil cinema’s timeless typical “rural hero” in the trailer. He also delivers his dialogues with a cigarette in his mouth and brandishes his weapons with ease.

Going by the trailer, Thirunaal appears to be replete with several fight sequences. While shooting last year, Jiiva was even caught in the middle of a real brawl with local rowdies. For the sake of realism, the crew continued shooting the real fight, and incorporated that with the staged scenes.

The last time that Jiiva and Nayanthara acted together was in 2006 with the film E.