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Kangana Ranaut Injured on ‘Manikarnika’ Set, Rushed to Hospital

Ketan Mehta wants Manikarnika to be dropped, legal notice to Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut was injured while shooting a sword fighting sequence for the Laxmibai biopic, Manikarnika. She was rushed to a hospital nearby.

MidDay reports that the unit was shooting in Hyderabad, and Kangana and co-star Nihar Pandya were enacting a sword fighting sequence. During the fight, Nihar’s sword hit Kangana’s forehead, causing her to bleed severely.

“Kangana was immediately rushed to Apollo hospital nearby, where she was admitted into the ICCU. She got 15 stitches on her forehead and will be under observation in the hospital for a few days. The examining doctor said that it was a close shave for her because the cut was too close to her bone,” a source said. 


Producer Kamal Jain said that the team had rehearsed the stunt sequence extensively, and Kangana insisted on doing her own stunts. He added, “Kangana had to duck when Nihar attacked her, but the timing went wrong and Nihar’s sword hit her forehead instead. It made a deep cut between her eyebrows. The drive to the hospital took a good 30 minutes, but she put up a brave front despite the pain and bleeding. Nihar was apologetic and felt terrible, but Kangana pacified him.”

Kangana will be under observation for a few days before returning to the set.