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Kannada Actor Huchcha Venkat Attempts Suicide; Rescued By Police

Huchcha Venkat Suicide

Actor Venkataraman Laxman, popularly known as Huchcha Venkat, was rescued from an attempted suicide, and is currently in a private hospital, recuperating. Reports say that he attempted the suicide after being rejected by TV star Rachana. 

The actor sent a text message to Rachana, and then attempted to take his own life by drinking phenyl in his farm house. Police managed to rescue Venkat and admitted him to a private hospital. 


Venkat, known as the Firing Star of Kannada cinema, debuted in Kannada film Mental Manja, and later played the lead role in two films that he wrote, produced, and directed – Swathanthra Palya, and Huchcha Venkat. He appeared on reality TV shows with actress Rachana, and as per reports, is said to have fallen in love with her. However, Rachana had denied being in love with Venkat. 

Venkat was earlier married to actress Reshma, who co-starred with him in Swathanthra Palya. They later separated. Venkat had also claimed to be married to actress Ramya, while promoting his film Huchcha Venkat, but Ramya filed a police complaint and refuted his claim. 

Pic: News Nirantara