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Kannan Thamarakkulam’s ‘Udumbu’ is a Dark Thriller; Makers Eyeing December Release

Udumbu, the upcoming Malayalam film directed by Kannan Thamarakkulam, is a “dark thriller revolving around a family,” the filmmaker tells Silverscreen India.


It is produced by 24 Motion Films in association with the director’s KT Movie House. The makers recently released the trailer.

Udumbu is written by government employees-turned-writers Aneesh Sahadevan and Sreejith Sasidharan. Kannan says, “Both of them are new writers and we originally had another film planned. But since that’s a big-budget and crowded film, which is hard to execute during the pandemic, we stopped work on that project. During this time, Aneesh shared a real incident that happened in the life of a couple. I found it interesting because the subject is known to all, but could have visuals not seen much. Thus, we decided to make a film based on it and wrote this script.”

Kannan reveals that the film revolves around a husband and wife, with the former being a gangster. The husband is a man who stays determined once he takes a decision and the title Udumbu refers to this quality, the filmmaker tells us. “The film is set in an urban area. A certain incident happens to the wife, after which the story follows the husband as he tries to tackle the fallout.”

While Senthil Rajamani plays the husband, debutant Anjalina essays the role of the wife. Other cast members include Alencier, Hareesh Peradi, and Manuraj.

Udumbu went on floors in November 2020 and was wrapped in January this year. It was shot by cinematographer Ravichandran. Kochi, Trivandrum, and Athirappilly were the locations, says the director.

Saanand George Grace has composed the music for Udumbu, which has as many as 10 songs. “Some of them are only a minute long,” adds Kannan.


VT Sreejith is the editor of the two-hour-long film, which has been certified U/A. The team is looking to release the film in theatres in December.

“The Hindi remake rights have been bought by Trading Company and Sunshine Music and I will be helming that film as well,” Kannan reveals.

The director also has a few other upcoming projects. His political film Varaal, with Prakash Raj and Anoop Menon, is currently in the dubbing stage and is expected to release in January, he tells us. Kannan adds that his bilingual family action thriller, The Feast, will resume shooting in Chennai shortly.