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Krish: Real World War II Weapons In Kanche Battle Scenes

Director Krish’s most ambitious project to date looks to be Kanche, a romantic war drama set against the backdrop of World War II. According to Krish, one of the highlights of the film will be the highly realistic battle sequences. Talking to Silverscreen, he said, “We shot the battle scenes for over a month in Georgia. It has been shot so realistically that it is going to become the biggest highlight of the movie.”


He also said that the war scenes were shot using real weapons and machinery used in the war, which lasted from 1939-1945 and resulted in the death of an estimated 50 million to 85 million people. World War II witnessed rapid technological growth, with opposing nations racing to develop more efficient weapons. Some of the innovative weapons used included the American M1 combat rifle, praised by Eisenhower as one of America’s great weapons, which could fire eight well aimed shots in rapid succession and replaced the nineteenth century bolt-rifle; the US-UK designed P-51 Mustang fighter which turned the tide for the Allies in the air war; the German Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle which pioneered a new class of weapons; and the Russian T-34 tank which used a then revolutionary sloped armour to enhance defensive capabilities. Some of the more eccentric weapons included the British ‘Exploding Rats’, part of an assortment of disguised explosive devices made to look like everyday objects. Rats were skinned, filled with plastic explosives and sewn up, and sent to be placed near boilers.

Kanche will also feature soldiers from different ethnic groups. The actors have been specially hired for the battle scenes, which go on for nearly half an hour in the film. Dubbed the deadliest conflict in human history, the war involved more than a 100 million people from over 30 countries, with maximum casualties on the Soviet and Chinese side. Starring Varun Tej and debutante Pragya Jaiswal, Kanche deals with the theme of love and war. The film is slated for a worldwide release on October 2.