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‘Kuruthi’ Trailer Out, Prithviraj Helped Choreograph Complex & Challenging Action Sequences, Says Director Manu Warrier

The trailer of Kuruthi, the upcoming Malayalam thriller film starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, was released on Wednesday. The film is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on August 11, marking the onset of Kerala’s Onam festivity. 


Kuruthi means a holy offering of life. The film revolves around an unstoppable force of violence versus an immovable object of faith and the kuruthis (slaughters) that happen in between,” Prithviraj said during a virtual press conference, adding that the film has a compelling story that is relevant to current times.

According to the streaming platform, Kuruthi is about how enduring human relations that transcend boundaries struggle to survive trials of hatred and prejudice.

Produced by Supriya Menon under the Prithviraj Productions banner, the film is directed by Manu Warrier.

Noting that Kuruthi is one of the most intense and fast-paced films that he has been a part of, Prithviraj recalled that he happened to read the film’s synopsis during his quarantine and then reached out to the director for further discussion. 

With a screenplay by Anish Pallyal, Kuruthi also features actors Shine Tom Chacko, Roshan Mathew, Srindaa, Murali Gopy, Mamukkoya, Manikanda Rajan, Naslen, Sagar Surya, and Navas Vallikkunnu in pivotal roles. 

Prithviraj said that all the artists were first choices and all of them had immediately agreed to be a part of the film after listening to the narration.

“We went on floors within a month after the script was locked and also completed filming and post-production in a quick span of time,” the actor said, adding, “It was frustrating when we were unable to release the film in the theatres and that’s when Amazon Prime Video came to our rescue. I am elated to launch Kuruthi for a global audience on the streaming service.”

When Silverscreen India asked about shooting the action sequences in the forests, director Warrier revealed that Prithviraj helped them choreograph a lot of the complex and challenging action sequences.

“For instance, there was a sequence that takes place on top of the roof and the actors were wired but someone in the set alerted us that the beam might collapse. We were all nervous and shooting that sequence kept us on edge for almost 20 minutes. Similarly, there was a rolling-down sequence that was shot in the forest where there were a lot of blood-sucking leeches. It was scary, but we managed to execute all the action sequences without any compromises with Prithviraj’s support,” he said. 


Warrier also added that they were looking for a rubber estate attached to a forest area to film in and they found the apt location in Kottayam’s Erattupetta.

Stating the Kuruthi is all about love, hate, revenge, protection, and the question of right or wrong, actor Roshan said, “I play a character named Ibrahim who has gone through a horrific tragedy in the past. Having lost everything in his life, he is trying to find some sort of a purpose to continue living,” Roshan added. 

Actor Murali Gopy, meanwhile, said, “Human relations are often tainted with pride and hatred constantly battling to survive amidst the beliefs that we cling to. Kuruthi aims to highlight these complex emotions.”