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Lingaa Settlement Issue Rises Again

At a press meet held yesterday regarding the Lingaa settlement issue, producers Singaravelan and Mannan, on behalf of other distributors and exhibitors, announced that they have not received the compensation of Rs 6 crore and 61 lakhs from mediator Tiruppur Subramani – of the Rs. 12.5 crore promised by the Producers’ Council. However, PRO Riaz, when speaking to Silverscreen stated that the entire amount has been distributed to all the areas except North Arcot, South Arcot and Salem. “The remaining amount will be settled to these areas when the distributors and exhibitors come together to collect the money. Since, they are approaching us separately, we were not able to split the amount properly,” he said.


However, producer Singaravelan and co complained that mediator Tirupur Subramani had initially said that the entire money is with Madurai Anbu Chezhiyan and later contradicted his own statement saying that he doesn’t have any money. A recorded phone conversation of Tirupur Subramani with Singaravelan was played at the press meet. The producer also added that they will file a complaint with the police in the coming days.

Further, PRO Riaz added, “Profit and loss are common in any business so even if they put up a case, it will not be favorable to them. The money was given to them on the basis of humanity grounds and they are making a huge fuss of this issue.”