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Man Who Sued Mammootty Over Fairness Soap Gets 30K Compensation

Chaathu, a 67-year-old sculptor who had filed a case against Mammootty and the soap company Indulekha Kerala, has been awarded Rs.30,000/- in an out-of-course settlement. Hailing from Kerala’s Wayanad district, Chaathu had alleged that despite using the product for a year, his skin had not turned fairer or whiter as actor Mammootty, the brand ambassador of the company, had claimed in advertisements. He had subsequently filed a case against Mammootty and the soap company, claiming a compensation of Rs 50,000, in September 2015.


“We have all seen a series of advertisements by Indulekha white soap. Their claim seemed very convincing and Mammootty’s appearance increased their credibility. But even a fraction of their claim is not true, I have experienced it. At some point, after continually listening to these advertisements, I believed that it might be true. I thought the soap can make me fair. We tried it for the past year but could not even find a slight change,” a Newsminute report quoted Chaathu.