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Manikarnika Producer Says Krish Trying To Wrongfully Claim Credit For The Movie

Kamal Jain, the producer of the recently released Kangana Ranuat starrer Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, in a statement has said that director Krish, who was originally attached to the project, was trying to wrongfully claim credit for the movie. Post-release, a controversy erupted with the director staking claims to the directorial credit which was with Kangana Ranaut.


According to Jain, it was a joint decision by him and his team to give the directorial credit to Kangana Ranaut. Krish, instead of going for a trial-by-media, should pursue the matter legally if he felt his cause was just, said the producer.

“It’s very sad how Krish is trying to claim credit for what he doesn’t deserve. It was the studio’s and my collective decision to give credits the way they are. To attack Kangana who stood by the film from beginning to end is very sad. Whatever she did, she could not have done without production and creative team’s consent. For Krish, rather than making it a media trial — specifically after the huge critical-acclaim claim and box office success, which is a clear attempt to harm our film — why doesn’t he go the legal way if he is speaking the truth and prove his claims? We tried to handle this matter on every level but nothing was done without informing him. It’s sad he has chosen to create this controversy at the stage,” said the producer in a statement.


Krish was signed on to direct the movie. Following the release of the movie on January 25, the director came out with allegations that the actress had hijacked his movie, fired actor Sonu Sood and reshot certain portions and the final version of the movie had an undue focus on her character.

Subsequently, a slew of people who worked on the movie have come out supporting the claims of both groups. While writer Prasoon Joshi and Rangoli Chandela, Ranaut’s sister and manager, sided with the actress, actors Sonu Sood and Mishti Chakraborty’s stories corroborated Krish’s claims.

Image Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle