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No Regrets With ADHM, Says Karan Johar

Karan Johar says he is “exceptionally content” with his latest film Ae Dil Hai MushkilSpeaking with Hindustan Times, Johar said: “I am very happy and exceptionally content because this is the film I set out to make. It has never happened to me, where I have made a film and not had certain regrets that are like, ‘I wish I had done a few things in a particular manner’ or ‘I wish I had shot something in a particular way’.


But with ADHM, I have no regrets. To me, it’s the most satisfying piece of work [I have done]. It was an internal experience for me, as I felt that many moments from the film were pieces of my life. I was happy to share that emotion on the screen.”

He also said that of all his films, ADHM has had the toughest release thus far. The film faced several release issues, especially after the right-wing outfit Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) called for a ban on the film because it featured Pakistani actor Fawad Khan.

Johar said, “Yes, I must say it was a very daunting task. The toughest two months prior to the release of any film I’ve made were the toughest. There’s so much talk about whether the industry is fragmented or not, but I got a lot love and support from so many members of the film fraternity who helped me ensure a smooth release.”


Johar also refuted reports that his next movie will star SRK and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, “No, these are all rumours and conjectures. I don’t even know the script of my next film. How can I have a cast? I have no clue what I am making next. I am taking off in December for two weeks to go somewhere and centre my thoughts. I will come back with new, renewed vigour in the new year.”

Johar said he hoped to begin filming in 2017, and would expect to release the film in 2018.