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Pa Ranjith Unveils The Trailer Of ‘Otrai Pana Maram’ Based On A True Story From Eelam

Director Pa Ranjith, yesterday, unveiled the trailer of Otrai Pana Maram a movie based on true events that happened in Eelam. The film has been screened in 40 festivals so far and has won 17 awards including for acting, music, and editing.


The film is reportedly the story of a widow’s struggle in the war-torn land of the north of Srilanka, and how she faces untold hardship to get through her daily routine. The film is being produced by RSSS Pictures’ S Thanigaivel and has been directed by UK-based filmmaker Puthiyavan, who made his debut in 2005 with a film called Mann.

Featuring Puthiyavan Rasaiyah, Navaayughaand Ajathika Puthiyavan, Otrai Pana Maram has cinematography by Mahinda Abesinche (Srilanka) and C J Rajkumar (India). It’s been edited by Suresh URS and features music by Ashwamithra. Costumes were by Kalaiselvi and makeup by M K Hasan Lakthara. It’s been executive produced by Perumal Kasi.

I am happy to present to you the trailer of #OtraiPanaimaram.

Trailer : https://t.co/fksMk3s468#OPM Navayuga @puthiyavanrasi1 @kkperumalkasi1 #RsssPictures @THANIGA84155209 @urkumaresanpro @murukku_meesaya @cinemaparvaicom

According to its director, Otrai Panai Maram stands out from the other movies that have dealt with the issue of  Sri Lankan war as it has stemmed from his experiences. Producer Thanigaivel, while speaking about the movie, said: “The film begins during the final days of the Sri Lankan war and tells a story which even the real fighters and people who have witnessed the war firsthand fear to talk about. Realistic acting, natural cinematography, and scenes with twists and turns that weigh on your heartstrings will take the viewers to the middle of a village in Killinochi in Eezham where the film is set.”

Watch the trailer here: