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Pop Singer Remo Booked For Verbally Abusing Minor

Goan singer Remo Fernandes has been summoned by police for  ‘verbally abusing’ a 17-year-old accident victim at the Goa Medical Hospital (GMC), said an Indian Express report.


The incident happened on Saturday. According to the report, the girl was injured by a car, allegedly driven by Remo’s son Jonah Fernandes near Bodgini Temple in Mapusa. The report quotes the minor’s lawyer, advocate Aires Rodrigues, “The singer entered ward number 105 of Goa Medical Hospital on Friday between 3pm and 4pm and verbally abused the girl”. The Agacaim police have filed a case under the Goa Children’s Act against the singer. Reportedly, an arguement happened between the girl, her family and the 62-year-old singer, during which he used abusive words against the 17-year-old.

An FIR was registered against the singer under Section 8 R/W 2 (m) of the Goa Children’s Act, on Friday. Meanwhile, the police has also launched an investigation against Jonah Fernandes, since the girl has suffered serious injuries.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu