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Prabhas’ Guest House Seized In Telangana

Prabhas’ guest house in Rai Durgam, Telangana was seized by revenue officials of Serilingampaly division on Monday. This came following a Supreme Court verdict stating that 84 acres of land in the area, as a part of the Survey No.46, belonged to the government. Prabhas’ house is said to come under the survey.


Speaking about the action, Vasu Chandra, Deputy Collector of Serlingampally said, “The Supreme Court recently gave a judgement that the entire 84 acres land in Survey No.46 in Rai Durgam belongs to the government. Based on the SC judgement, we identified all properties that fell under the said survey number and took them into our possession. Since his (Prabhas’) house also happens to be under Survey No.46, we went to the house and took possession.”

“The verdict came out a couple of months back, but the delay in action was due to the elections in Telangana State,” he added.


The Baahubali star had earlier filed a plea requesting that land under Government Order No.59 be regularized. Regarding this, Chandra said in a DC report, “This matter has already been sub judice for a long time. And among several petitions filed on the land, Prabhas’ was one. He asked that the land under GO No.59 be regularised. However, with the latest court ruling, the entire extent of land belongs to the government, and all the earlier cases on this land now stand nullified.”

When asked if the house would be demolished, Chandra said, “It is premature to comment. We have to look into his petition plea and proceed accordingly in due course of time.” A Telugu360 report says that some structures in the region have already been demolished after officials took possession of the property.