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Producers’ Council Wants Movie Release Dates Registered Well In Advance

The Producers’ Council plans to initiate talks with producers to register movie dates well in advance. Speaking to TOI, SR Prabhu, treasurer, said, “We have initiated talks, asking them to register the release date of their films in advance. This will help everyone because once we come to know the release date of the big-budget films, the other films can plan their release accordingly.”


Prabhu added that movie-watching has become a costly affair, and people tend to get choosy about what to watch in the theatre. “If the release schedule is planned and big-budget films are released at right intervals, all the producers will benefit from it. Bollywood has been doing it for some time and we can also make it possible here,” he said, adding, “Registering the release date in advance requires meticulous planning, right from the pre-production to post-production.”

The plan is to make sure there is a minimum of three-weeks between big-budget films; small budget movies can then be scheduled accordingly.