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Radha Ravi Wants Rajinikanth To Help the Poor Instead of Starting a New Political Party

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Radha Ravi feels that actor Rajinikanth can serve the people better by helping the poor. Instead of starting his own political party. According to a  story in Maalai Malar, Radha Ravi was speaking at a special event to mark DMK President M Karunanidhi’s 94th birthday celebrations, and 60th year as a Legislator, when he made these comments.

The actor  recently re-joined the DMK party and has been speaking at various events.

In his speech, Radha Ravi said that there is already a surplus of political parties in Tamil Nadu, and that some new parties haven’t been able to establish their identity well enough. Additionally, the ADMK has split into multiple warring factions after the death of former Chief Minister and party head J Jayalalithaa. At this juncture, according to Radha Ravi, Rajini’s new political party will only add to the confusion. 


Radha Ravi further said – a sentiment that echoes that of director Bharathiraja’s – that only those who truly understand the language and its history, will be able to protect the culture of TN. Radha Ravi said that that particular mantle is rightfully Karunanidhi’s. 

If he wants to serve people, Radha Ravi said that Rajinikanth should use his personal wealth to help the poor and needy of the state, and not make a foray into politics. 

Image Courtesy: The Hindu