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Ramayana To Be Retold In English

Three young filmmakers are adapting the Indian epic Ramayana in English. A PTI report said that the US-based directors Vineet Sinha and Sean Graham, and creative director Ronnie Allmanare planning to recreate the epic war drama in 3D and Imax as they feel ‘Indian mythological stories need to be told to the world’. Reportedly, the film will be at par with Hollywood movies like Lord Of The Rings and Planet of the Apes.


“Hollywood, Japan and China make and market their stories such as Batman, Superman, Star Wars and Pokemon to the whole world. But Indian stories are not as well known,” Vineet told PTI. The film, according to the makers, will be a technical marvel. Characters like Hanuman will be a blend of expertly crafted prosthetics with very light CGI (computer generated imagery).

The PTI report says that the cast will have predominantly Indian actors. The movie will be dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, French and several other Indian and global languages.