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RC Sakthi Passes Away

Filmmaker RC Sakthi passed away at a private hospital this afternoon, where he was being treated for a kidney ailment. The director, who made critically acclaimed films like Unarchigal and Chirai, was 75.

Sakthi debuted as a director with Unarchigal which had Kamal Haasan in the lead. Although the film was the actor’s first movie as a lead, it released four years after it was filmed. According to The HinduUnarchigal was about the “sexual misadventures of a teenager”, and received flak from the Censor Board for its explicit content. Kamal Haasan helped Sakthi with the writing and coined the title.


In many interviews, Kamal Haasan had revealed that Sakthi was among his friends who encouraged him to write. Sakthi and Kamal Haasan continued to collaborate for many other ventures.

With Rajinikanth and Sridevi in the lead, Sakthi also directed Dharma Yuddham that featured the popular melody Aagaya Gangai.  His other works include ChiraiManidharil Ithanai Nirangala and Manakanakku.

Sakthi was also expected to play an integral role in Kamal Haasan’s famously shelved project Marudhanaayagam. Despite his age, Sakthi recently made a short film for which Kamal Haasan wrote and rendered a song.