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RK Selvamani Wants Filmmakers To Choose Tamil Names For Their Projects



RK Selvamani feels that ‘now, more than ever’, Tamil culture should be protected. “Now that GST has made the entertainment tax exemption scenario null and void, we have seen a sudden rise in Tamil films with other language titles. There’s no need for filmmakers to give their films ‘Tamil’ names in order to claim exemption. So this trend has begun. I feel strongly that it is high time that filmmakers worked hard to protect Tamil culture. One way this can be done is by giving our projects distinctly Tamil names. Tamil is the oldest language, and so there are many words to choose from,” Selvamani told Silverscreen. 

Selvamani had expressed similar sentiments at an audio launch event recently. 

Earlier, a film would be awarded exemption from entertainment tax if it had a Tamil title, and if it passed the censors with a U Certificate.

With the introduction of the GST, the process has been completely eliminated.