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Salman Gifts TV Sets To Residents In Kashmir

Salman Khan’s charitable endeavours are quite well-known, and recently the star took the residents of a small town in Kashmir by surprise by gifting them television sets! Salman was shooting a special song for Bajrangi Bhaijaan at the Ashmuqam dargah near Pahalgam, when he happened to interact with many locals who had arrived there to catch a glimpse of the superstar. The locals told him that most of them didn’t have television sets at home.


There are no theatres in the Kashmir valley and the residents, who are huge Bollwood buffs find it difficult to watch movies. Salman, immediately, asked his assistants to get one TV set each for all the house in the small town. Reportedly, Salman’s team has already set up TVs in a few houses and are working on getting TV sets to the remaining houses.

Salman also helped an old lady complete the construction of her house, when she informed him of the biting cold and her inability to repair the house. A Bollywoodlife report said that Salman gave her grandson a job as a spot boy in the film.