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Sasikumar’s Next Has Found Its Kaathayi In Kovai Sarala

Sasikumar’s Balle Vellayatheva needed a female comic talent, and it has got one. The role needed an actress to play a role similar to the late Manorama’s Kaathayi (Selfie), an aging but sprightly lady prone to delivering punchlines.

Sasikumar tells Deccan Chronicle that the natural choice for the role was Kovai Sarala. “There is a dearth of female comedians in Tamil cinema. When director Prakash narrated the script, the first person who came to my mind was the late Aachi Manorama. Then we felt no one but ‘Kovai’ Sarala could handle the role of ‘Selfie’ Kaathayi! She is the hero and highlight of the film. Sanglili Murugan is her pair in the movie.”


Sasikumar plays an unemployed youth, whose mother (actress Rohini) wants him to find a government job. Veteran actor Ravichandran’s granddaughter Tanya makes her acting debut with this film. Her role is that of a village girl, and is being described by the team as “very important and prominent” for undisclosed reasons.

The film is directed by Prakash, a former associate of Sudha Kongara Prasad (Irudi Suttru). It is a lighthearted rural entertainer, set to music by Darbuka Siva. The film will most likely feature Sasikumar’s peculiar dancing skills.