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Seeman’s ‘Thavam’ Is A Film On Agriculture

Seeman at the Kadavul 2 Movie Launch

Thavam, starring politician, actor and director Seeman, is yet another film which will talk about the importance of agriculture.


Directed by Vijay Anand and Suriyan, the film will have Seeman playing Natesan, a teacher who fights for the poor farmers in his village. It stars newcomers Vashi and Pooja Steel in the lead. Talking about the film to a Tamil daily, the directors said, “The movie is set in the backdrop of Pudukottai district in Tamil Nadu. The film’s lead actor Vashi is the managing director of a company. Actress Pooja meets him at a wedding, and later realises that Vashi is the guy she was looking for. The rest of the story revolves around why she was looking for him.”

Talking about Seeman’s role in the film, directors said, “Seeman will appear in the second half of the film – the flashback part. He will be playing the father of Vashi. Seeman’s part will be set in 1996, and he will be essaying the role of a school teacher named Natesan who struggles to save agriculture. He’s the second hero in the film. He ignored many acting opportunities and agreed to take on the role only when we explained the importance of the subject.”

Thavam also stars Singampuli, Santhanabarathi, Bose Venkat and many others. It is also said that the film is a mix of comedy, emotions, romance and action.


Another upcoming film Boomerang, directed by R Kannan, and starring Atharvaa and Megha Akash in the lead, will also focus on agriculture. Talking at the audio launch of the film, director Kannan said: “Boomerang will be the second movie in recent times to deal with the subject of agriculture after Kadaikutty Singam. We have to get down to the fields and work instead of voting and waiting for the politicians to bring about change.”