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Shah Rukh, Aamir, Sonam, Rajkumar Hirani And Other Bollywood Stars Meet PM Modi In His Residence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the who’s who of Bollywood in 7 Lok Kalyan Marg, his residence in New Delhi as part of an initiative to celebrate 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi. The PM reportedly brainstormed, in an informal session, ways to take Gandhi’s message to the world.

The event began with the screening of a 150-second commercial #ChangeWithin made by Rajkumar Hirani featuring a star cast from Bollywood, reading Gandhi’s iconic lines.

“Gandhi is synonymous with simplicity. His thoughts reverberate far and wide,” Modi said, “The power of creativity is immense and it is essential to harness this spirit of creativity for our nation. Several people from the world of films and television have been doing great work when it comes to popularising the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi.”

Speaking at the event Aamir Khan said, “As creative people, there is much we can do. And, I assure the PM that we will do even more.” Shah Rukh Khan said, “I would like to thank PM for bringing us all together, that too for a cause such as this (Mahatma Gandhi). I feel we need to re-introduce Gandhiji to India and the world. ”


Aanand L Rai said to PM, “We are accustomed to being known as representatives from the world of entertainment. But, you have also added a spirit of responsibility to this by involving us in popularising the ideals of Gandhi Ji.”

In his speech, Modi said, “You all do great work but perhaps you do not know about its global influence. Your work has reached all corners of the world. On the part of the Government, I am happy to help in any way to ensure maximum impact of your creative initiatives. I have an appeal to all of you – please visit the museum that has been made in Dandi. I would also request you to visit the ‘Statue of Unity.’ It is drawing numerous visitors from all over India and the world. The CM of Tamil Nadu told me that after the Informal Summit in Mamallapuram, tourist arrivals have increased there. A lot of people are coming to visit the iconic place. I would urge people from the world of creativity to think about ensuring more tourists come to India.”