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Film Industry In The South Is More Competitive Than Bollywood: Jyotii Sethi


Punjabi actress Jyotii Sethi, who recently acted in the Telugu crime-comedy Where Is Vidya Balan, feels that competition in south cinema is tougher than in Bollywood. “You have to compete with so many heroines in the south, unlike in Bollywood. Many of my friends are struggling to make it count here. I’m fortunate to have had a successful run in this industry,” Jyotii told Silverscreen. With a Master’s degree in English, Jyotii had initially planned on becoming a teacher. However, encouragement from her friends who felt she had the looks to make it as an actress, prompted her to enter the film industry. “I knew I won’t be a bad actor but to leave what I had planned to do and become an actress was a risky gamble,” said Jyotii. Happy with the reception to her performance in her debut film, Jyotii says she wants to continue working and not be too picky about her choice of roles. She joins Simran Kaur Mundi and Sruthi Sodhi in being yet another actress from Punjab who has done well in Telugu cinema.

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