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Theatres in AP Shut Down Due to Ticket Price Cap; Producers, Exhibitors to Discuss Issue with Govt

Due to the capping of film ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh, the number of theatres closing down in the state has seen a rise. A source told Silverscreen India that approximately 170 theatres in AP have already closed their shutters because of losses incurred from the low ticket prices.


On Monday, Telugu producer Dil Raju, in a press meet, said, “To discuss and resolve the issue related to ticket prices and ongoing raids, the film fraternity is preparing to meet Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, other ministers and representatives, when we get appointments. We hope that the AP government will also issue an order on the ticket prices similar to what the Telangana government did.”

It may be noted that the Andhra Pradesh government, in April, issued a notice regarding maximum ticket prices, at both multiplexes and single-screen theatres. The fixed maximum rate varies from Rs 30-250 based on the type of theatre and class of ticket. The order permits exhibitors to charge lesser than the maximum rate, after notifying the concerned authorities. However, in case of violation of the ceiling rates, the management is liable to face strict action. This includes a show cause notice and a personal hearing ahead of penal consequence. Theatres were also barred from running more than four shows per day.

As per recent reports, Andhra Pradesh revenue officials raided and seized some theatres which had violated the rules. 


Dil Raju added that the AP government will be constituting a committee, consisting of representatives from the film industry such as producers, distributors, and other stakeholders, to discuss the ongoing issue. “I hope this committee will be a bridge to convey our concerns and with proper discussion, the issues can be sorted out.”

He also noted that while the low ticket prices and lack of permission for screening a fifth show in theatres are the primary concerns for producers, exhibitors have other issues as well that they want to discuss. He added that all these issues will be presented to the government. “There is no use talking about what happened in the past. We have to see what can be done for the growth of the Telugu cinema industry,” he further said.

Meanwhile, big-budget films like Radhe Shyam and RRR are gearing up for release in January 2022.