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Tour Diary: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the city yesterday to promote the soundtrack of I. The Terminator star had quite a busy day indeed: packed with celebrity visits, a more professional meeting with the Chief Minister and an impromptu chat with the media. Snippets here:


1. To our surprise, we were told that this was not Arnold’s first visit to India. The star has been here ‘over ten times’ and keeps coming back because he loves ‘our culture’.

2. Despite being warned about the ‘spicy’ food on the menu, Arnold was brave enough to try a few. “I thought about it as a challenge. I ate some of the special items of the hotel here, and after that, I had a very nice grilled fish.”

3. Whenever the conversation veered off topic, Schwarzenegger pulled it back with a firm “We’re here to talk about I. So let us stick to that please!”

4. Arnold confessed that he’s seen the songs and the trailer of the film – and exclaimed that he was in awe of Shankar. “His vision is grand and he’s got a lot of guts to translate that on screen – on such an immense scale.”

5. Like his Expendables co-star Sylvester Stallone, Arnold too would like to star in a Bollywood film. “I haven’t had offers from Bollywood at all! But if offered the chance, and if everything works out, then I would love to work in an Indian project.”


6. Shankar also was on his list of directors to work with. “I loved what little I saw of and Shankar is definitely the kind of director I want to work with.”

7. He’s also humbled by the love that the people of Chennai have shown him. “I arrived at 4 AM in the morning and I was surprised to see over a thoursand people waiting at the airport for me. Also, I have been shown great love and respect here for which I will always be thankful.”