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Urmila Unni Mocks Protests Against AMMA Decision

An infuriating clip of Malayalam character actor Urmila Unni talking to a bank of journalists surfaced earlier today. If it doesn’t enrage you right from the beginning, then you probably have gotten through the six-odd minutes of the clip. It shows Unni being coy with the journalists who are asking her relevant questions about the controversy AMMA finds itself in the middle of with their decision to reinstate Dileep. She giggles, cracks annoying jokes, tries to sidetrack them and you can the only reason she’s even responding in what can be best termed as an arrogant manner is because she’s surrounded by the journalists.


She pretends to look around for her “mother” to rescue her from this questioning. Then she listens to questions carefully with an irritatingly supercilious smile on her face and gestures to her phone saying she’s getting phone calls, all the while avoiding questions about what she thinks about the case. When the reporters push her further, she says no one knows what really happened. On being asked if, as a mother of a young woman who is also an actress, isn’t she afraid for a daughter, she categorically says no, adding that these things depend on individuals. One can understand it, perhaps, as her saying being raped or abducted depends on each one’s behaviour.

One of the reporters says she’s been rumoured to be the one to catalyse Dileep’s reinstatement. That’s the only questions she responds to without any of her theatrics and diversions. She denies having any such influence and that she’s merely a “humble artiste”. From the further conversation, it seems to be a clip from over three days ago because to the question of Dileep’s return to AMMA, she says, “Who said there was any talk of it? There was no discussion in the meeting. It was a casual wondering; just like how one would wonder if your domestic help would come back after taking a few days off.” We aren’t quite sure what that cock-eyed analogy is but it’s clear that this was before Mohanlal responded on Saturday evening expressing concerns over AMMA’s decision being misunderstood.

See for yourself: 

There’s more, and the barely-hidden scorn gets worse, but suffice it to say that she’s every patriarchal woman’s dream come true. From questioning the veracity of the rape survivor’s claims to implying that these things happen because women invite them, Unni has landed strident blow to what organisations like the WCC are trying to achieve. It’s particularly tragic when you understand that she’s standing by those who are already immensely powerful. One cannot imagine what it takes to stand up to the Mammoottys, Mohanlals and Dileeps of this world. They make or break careers, and for women who don’t have the clout of a Manju Warrier or Nayanthara to stand up and question AMMA’s decision, to speak truth to power, is an act of excessive courage. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Unni will ever know that feels like.

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