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Vineya Vidheya Rama Teaser: Flamboyant Villain, Absent Heroine, & Ram Charan in 49 Seconds

Ram Charan as Ram Konidela has helpful information in Vineya Vidheya Rama’s  forty nine second teaser. It will apparently take ten minutes to threaten people and fifteen to kill them. So one can expect bits of both in this film that is directed by Boyapati Srinu and produced by BVV Danayya and has Kiara Advani as the female lead. Advani is absent in the teaser, probably because her role does not equip her with giving out useful information to the public, like the ones Ram Charan’s Konidela can.


Actor Prashanth, though, makes a small appearance in a couple of shots. In one, he appears worried. In another, he can be seen walking two steps behind Ram, because in this film, he is not the hero.

He is probably the worried brother.

Also making a slightly longer appearance is Vivek Oberoi, the main villain of the piece. He clearly has an army of assailants under his command and clearer still is the fact that Ram Konidela cannot spare ten minutes to threaten them or fifteen to kill them. So, his advice will just have to be taken at face value.

Devi Sri Prasad stays true to his penchant for providing inspiring scores that predominantly feature his voice. It hasn’t grown tiring yet, and from what we can hear of Vineya Vidheya Rama’s score in the teaser, it does the job efficiently.


Ram Charan’s last outing at the silver screen was the entertaining Rangasthalam that blended action and caste politics seamlessly. One man wanted to rule all. The man wielded the authority granted to him by caste to effectively subjugate everybody in a tiny hamlet.

With Vineya Vidheya Rama, the aspirations of its main villain remain unknown. He is flamboyant, that much is a given.

But is he flamboyant enough to survive a man who will either kill him in fifteen minutes or threaten him for ten?

And if he is, which option will he choose?

Now that’s a question for us all to ponder as we finish off the rest of the Deepavali murukulu.