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Yogi Babu Requests Production Houses To Refrain From Overusing His Photos To Promote Films He’s Not Headlining

Yogi Babu At The 'Bigil' Audio Launch

Actor-comedian Yogi Babu has requested production houses to avoid doubling up his stills, from films he’s been only a small part of, as solo movie posters. The actor claims that several of his fans and audiences feel cheated because of the same, assuming that the actor is headlining the film. He also adds that film distributors would be cheated too owing to the same.

The actor posted about the same on his Twitter handle.

The actor says that it reflects badly on his name when his fans call him and tell him that they expected to see him right through the film but ended up witnessing him only in a couple of scenes. “I have worked on a number of films in the past that did not see the light of the day and are currently moving towards it. I request producers to not use my photos and create solo posters when another actor is headlining the film. Either add me amongst the group or cut me out altogether, but don’t lure audiences like this. I feel bad when my fans who expect to see me through the film, call and tell me that they are disappointed about the whole thing,” said Yogi Babu.


He adds, “The producers of Dowlath had used my picture and promoted the film when Sanjay Sivan is the actual hero of the film. I had audiences from Salem and Dharmapuri and a few distributors calling me and asking me why this had happened. I request all producers to avoid using my photos to promote a film that doesn’t star me in the titular role.”

Meanwhile, Yogi babu’s Cocktail helmed by Ra Vijaya Murugan recently hit the OTT platform Zee5 directly, skipping a theatrical release. The mystery thriller, that deals with four married friends who escape from a tricky situation with the help of a cockatiel did not open up to good reviews.

The actor also has a slew of films like Dikkiloona, Panni Kutty, Kadaisi Vivasayi, and Trip in various stages of production.

Watch the trailer of Cocktail here.