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Zaira Wasim Molestation Case: Accused’s Wife Says She Wants Justice For Her Husband

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Soon after 17-year-old actress Zaira Wasim took to social media and called out a 40-year-old man’s sexual misconduct on Air Vistara flight from New Delhi to Mumbai, the Mumbai Police launched an investigation that was followed by the arrest of the accused, named Vikas Sachdeva, a senior executive with an entertainment company in Mumbai.

Sachdeva was arrested on Sunday night after Zaira’s complaint on Instagram gathered attention. As of now, Sachdeva’s wife has come to her husband’s defence alleging that her husband was only trying to sleep. Instead, she accused Zaira of not complaining initially and wants justice for her husband.

Sachdeva’s wife said there had been a tragedy in the family and due to this, her husband had not slept for 24 hours. She highlighted that his foot was on the armrest but it was not meant to harass her, and even if it did, Zaira made no immediate reactions. She further wants justice as her husband is a ‘family man’ and can never do such a thing, she reasoned.

Zaira’s complaint, where she broke down while narrating her ordeal, has generated a wave of response. Several celebrities have come to her aid.

There have also been a lot of people who chose to blame Zaira and accuse her of being an attention seeker.