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Inga Enna Solluthu : A Shoddy show!

After a remarkable turn as the long suffering cinematographer and sidekick in Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya, Ganesh Janardhanan returns with a starring role in Inga Enna Solluthu. This is unexplored territory for VTV Ganesh (as he calls himself now) and it is clear right from the start. The screenplay, if there’s one, is amateurish, the story is nothing new and the performances of the cast can at best be called indifferent.


Inga Enna Solludhu plays out as a conversation between a driver- played by Santhanam in a cameo role and Ganesh as they travel from Bangalore to Chennai. To pass time, Ganesh recounts experiences from his past.

An aimless old bachelor without a steady career, Ganesh flits through life, without a care. Until circumstances force him to get married. Suddenly determined to prove himself in life, he makes a series of bad choices that tests his marriage and our endurance.

The writing is terrible. The makers try to mask it by lacing the film with celebrities, but without success.

Simbhu and Andrea are wasted in the movie, playing spoilt rich brats with no relevance at all in the scheme of things. The scenes with a sarcastic Simbhu berating Ganesh are painful to watch. STR’s efforts to feign coolness seems wasted, using  an older man as a verbal punch bag comes across as unfunny and fails to elicit laughs.

Santhanam, as the cab driver Ezhumugam turns in a restrained performance. Though initially just seeing him onscreen tickles our funny bone, after a while his tedious lines get to us. So much so that, we can pretty much guess who he will turn out to be at the end. Even if we didn’t, the ‘Sai Baba’ ringtone that is played roughly twenty times throughout the movie clues us in.

Meera Jasmine plays Rajeshwari, the wife. Her character is poorly written and this probably isn’t the comeback Meera wanted or envisioned.  While we can put up with the negligent direction and screenplay, the gross tastelessness and perversion displayed in the scenes with Meera Jasmine makes us want to walk out.  The only honest performances come from KS Ravikumar and Mayilsamy.


Absolutely nothing redeems the film, the songs don’t make an impact and the BGM is standard fare. The director perhaps didn’t even show up for most of the shoot, and the editing is subpar.

Considering that IES is apparently the film version of actual events in his life, you would presume some effort might have gone in to make it look credible. But all we get is a mockery of a movie about a lame duck whose biggest achievement is getting a wife who will stand by him no matter what.