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Pattaya Kelappanum Pandiya Review: Sea of Cliches

Bus driver Velupandian (Vidharth) falls in love with his passenger, nurse Kanmani (Manisha Yadhav). He is so much in love with her that he fakes a breakdown when she is late, plays En Kanmani En Kadhali from Chittu Kuruvi when she boards the bus and gives chocolates to passengers on her birthday. But she loathes him.

And then Pattaya Kelappanum Pandiya drowns in a sea of cliches.


Director SP Rajkumar, seemingly still stuck in the 80s, manages to squeeze in five songs (one item number), several scenes that are set in TASMAC and a good samaritan of a hero, who doesn’t hesitate to be jailed for his friend. Despite downing buckets of alcohol, one fine day Velupandian tells his brother, “Kudikkarathu thappu. Vitudanum! Naan vituten. Neeyum vitudu!” We realise that the message is directed at us.

Well, ok then.

Later, we learn Kanmani is impervious to love because she is the bread-winner of her family. Her mother is widowed. Her sister, blind. Naturally.

Then ruffians bully the family.  You know who saves them from their predicament.

Muthupandian (Soori) the younger brother of Velupandian makes us laugh sporadically. With his witty one-liners, boisterous attitude and his proclivity to beat up others, he reminds us of Santhanam and Goundamani. There is an army of wasted comedians in the movie – Kovai Sarala, Ilavarasu and Imman Annachi; and we can’t forget this image of Vidharth, with different colours of georgette dupattas around his neck, trying to dance with Manisha.


The simple, rural Vidharth of Mynaa connected with us more; this one fails to. With myriad of close up shots of Manisha (who can’t emote and whose lip-sync is haywire), we feel like we are watching a prime time Tamil serial. The script doesn’t attempt to change our perception¬†either.

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